Tibetaanse Terrier Lamleh Lijnen
advertentie in dog world anual 1971


tibetaanse terrier lamleh

Dog World Annual 1971

Lamleh Tibetan Terriers

are the best pure-bred

Tibetan Terrier

in the World


Foundation stock came from monasteries

in Tibet. No other kennel can truthfully

claim this origin for their stock

A few puppies available 

Dr. Greig



Telephone Roydon 3166

(When telephoning please continue to ring

as it takes me some time to get from the

kennel to the house to answer it)


Photo left: Ch. TOOMBBAY OF LADKOK, born in the monastery in Tibet, 1928

Photographed at 20 month's

Photo right: RAH-JAH OF LAMLEH, born in my kennels at Reydon 1967.

Photographed at 20 month's